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Unfortunately, sometimes entering into a parenting plan is not the end of litigation. You may find yourself dealing with a person who does not obey a prior court ordered plan. Or, circumstances may have changed enough to make it necessary to change a prior plan.

Whether enforcement or modification, the Court will only consider such cases under certain circumstances. Also, there are a number of available defenses. Each case and defense will require proving or disproving a number of facts. If you need to enforce or change a parenting plan, you need to speak with an attorney about what will be required.

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​A divorce, or issues involving children, can involve a number of incredibly important issues. If you are lucky, you  will be able to come to an agreement on all areas that apply to your situation, which can include custody, child support, visitation, the possession, valuation and division of real and personal property, alimony, tax liability, child care, estate waivers, insurance, attorney’s fee payment, to name a few. Negotiating and drafting that type  agreement is where I spend of great deal of my time.

If you are not lucky, you will not agree, and you will have to go through the full litigation and court process. While sometimes necessary, that process will (hopefully) be unlike anything you have ever experienced, or will again. You will need experienced counsel, and I would love to speak with you about your options and what to expect.

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Our firm is dedicated to taking care of clients during a traumatic time. I promise, you don't want a "cheap" lawyer, but I will try to make your money count. In many cases the initial cost may be less than you expect. 

Here at WalshLaw we have options for potential clients to fit their specific needs.    While it can be expensive to be involved with the Court system, we strive to offer flexible payment plans along with reduced retainer options.