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Nashville Attorney Provides Capable, Ethical Assistance With Family Law Matters

Candid advice and determined representation focused on positive results

If you are struggling with a family law crisis, there are two things you want from an attorney: professional case management and empathy for your situation. At WalshLaw, I provide determined and effective legal representation motivated by genuine concern for the clients I serve in and around Nashville. Since 2007, I have combined honest counsel, zealous advocacy and ethical conduct in a practice that delivers peace of mind and positive results to people just like you. Call for a consultation to learn how my approach could be the answer to your family law problems.

Personal and professional experience guides my family law practice

In the law, legal knowledge and life experience go hand in hand. I am a better family attorney today because I have been a stepchild and a stepfather. I have also gone through a divorce, married again, and have had children of my own. My personal journey helps me understand yours and motivates me to fight on your behalf. When you retain my services, you can expect:
  • Individualized attention — All of my clients work directly with me; there are no intermediaries. I see you as a unique individual, and I strive to understand your particular and specific circumstances so that together we can identify the appropriate goals for your case.
  • Trustworthy counsel — Personal honesty and professional ethics are extremely important to me. I hold myself to a high standard, so you can trust not only my assessment of your case but my word as well.
  • Results-oriented strategy — When the final gavel has sounded, what matters are the results in your case. I design a legal strategy with your litigation goals in mind and take decisive steps to achieve those ends.
I understand that a family law dispute can be disruptive to your life. I want you to have peace of mind throughout the process and a favorable outcome that gives greater hope for the future.
Areas of Practice

Honest counsel and zealous advocacy for your family law issues in Middle Tennessee

As a family law practice, WalshLaw in Nashville handles all matters related to divorce and legal separation, including:
  • Child custody — I help parents maintain a loving relationship with their children with workable parenting plans that protect their rights and promote the best interests of their children. I also continue to assist divorced parents whenever it becomes necessary to enforce or modify a parenting plan.
  • Alimony — Whether you anticipate paying or receiving spousal support, I can help you obtain a fair order for your financial circumstances.
  • Child support — Tennessee has guidelines for basic child support, but judges have discretion to order payments for extraordinary expenses. I help parents obtain orders that are appropriate for their financial situation and their children’s needs.
I am also experienced in managing cases of military divorce, which afford procedural protections for active-duty service members and involve special issues related to military pensions and other benefits. If you are considering marriage, I can help you negotiate and draft a valid prenuptial agreement. Finally, my experience as a criminal defense lawyer enables me to effectively manage matters related to domestic violence and adjudications in juvenile court.

Contact my Nashville, TN office for a family law consultation

WalshLaw provides honest counsel and zealous advocacy for a broad range of Tennessee family law matters. To schedule a consultation, call 615-240-7457 or contact my Nashville office online. My office is located at 4535 Harding Pike, just west of White Bridge Pike and Woodmont Boulevard.
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