Divorce Law in Nashville

Aaron G. Walsh, Esq.



I am lucky; I grew up in Nashville surrounded by songwriters, artists, designers, producers, and other creative types. Since becoming a lawyer, I've been privileged to represent 'talent' in negotiating deals and solving disputes, and I love to help up and coming bands get things in writing, to avoid headaches down the road. 

Entertainment Law

Divorce Law in Nashville​​​​​​

Our firm is dedicated to taking care of clients during a traumatic time. I promise, you don't want a "cheap" lawyer, but I will try to make your money count. In many cases the initial costs may be less than you expect. 

Legal Fees

Divorce or separation, especially when that involves the custody of children, is especially hard, and important. Even without kids, when dealing with family law, there can be many very expensive details to work out. I believe in the power of settlement, but I'm ready and able to stand up for you in Court if needed.

Criminal Defense

I have been a criminal defense lawyer since 2005, and defended decent people on charges ranging from speeding to murder, and almost every charge in between. I don't judge a person by the worst thing they have ever done, and without judgment, I will protect your legal rights throughout the difficult legal system, whether that means negotiating a fair plea, or picking a jury and making the State prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.